The Jillian E. Daly Foundation is a non-profit, tax deductible fund dedicated to the research of autoimmune and blood disorder diseases. The fund additionally awards grants to institutions and individuals focused on the health and helping professions. The foundation is registered with, and administered by FJC, a Foundation of Philanthropic funds. Our foundation is in the collective giving account and is currently directed by Robert & Virginia Daly.

The foundation goal is to take our tragic loss and make a sustained effort to find treatments and cures for autoimmune diseases. We will periodically update you with the progress of our foundation. FJC information and tax ID is located on the Donations page.


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This Saturday, October 1st, the Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade Committee presents their 21st Kick Off Party. It will be held at RJ Daniels in Rockville Centre from 7 to 11pm. This years local charity is Ellen White and her Back Yard Players and Friends. This is an organization that works “Broadway magic” with the…

Now that the summer is coming to an end, we want to extend a grateful thank you to all that attended and assisted in our successful 6th annual event. Keep in touch as we are looking into another bowling date during the cold, dark days of winter. Thanks again. Enjoy the fall.


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