Mission Statement

The Jillian E. Daly Foundation was created in memory of our beloved daughter. Her zest for life, perpetual smile and ready laugh, brought a ray of “sunshine” into many people’s lives. Her career as a nurse was suited to her personality and compassion for others.  It was, however, cut short with Jillian’s passing in October of 2010, barely a year into her professional life.  An autoimmune condition known as warm hemolytic anemia abruptly ended Jillian’s life.  Jillian also had several bouts of ITP, a platelet disorder, since her junior year in high school.  ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia) is also an autoimmune disorder.  How the two are related or triggered, is not completely known.

Our desire is to invest our fundraising interests and energies into autoimmune disease research and to assist young students entering the health and helping professions. We hope to one day discover why the body turns against itself and to uncover ways to correct and prevent these conditions. Your participation in our foundation, in any capacity, is greatly appreciated.

Jillian’s passion for life, love of family and friends gives us many opportunities for fund raising ideas.

Jillian’s passion for life, love of family and friends gives us many opportunities for fund raising ideas.

Since our first Benefit in 2011, we have been able to grant $230,000 to the Feinstein Institute for Autoimmune Disease Research.  We believe the study of the immune system, and why it turns against itself, is the key to long term health.  It seems as though most disease and illness today are "autoimmune" related.  If our own body has the ability to prevent or cure most illnesses, then understanding this system is paramount to health and wellness.

The Foundation currently supports annual awards to:

  1.  Sacred Heart University, School of Nursing, "Spirit of Nursing" award.

  2.  Winthrop University Hospital, "Jillian Daly Memorial Award", presented during Florence Nightingale Nurses Week.

  3.  Nassau County Girls Gymnastics, “ Ultimate Teammate Award”.

  4. South Side High School, Graduation Memorial Award.

  5. South Side High School, Varsity S Award and Red & Blue Sports Night Awards.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank family, friends and the generous community of Rockville Centre, New York for the overwhelming support you have given our family during this time of life changing emotions. Your gift to us is special and cherished.

Love and Good Health to ALL, The Daly Family Bob, Ginny, Ryan and Casey